Wednesday, February 26, 2020     Judy Marsales      General Real Estate Advice

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What are your plans this year?

Are you often out at a function and someone asks you what your plans are; holidays, work, about your current home or lifestyle? Depending on your demographic your discussion about house plans could range from how you are budgeting to the purchase of your first home. And for some it could mean thoughts about downsizing or your consideration of a retirement plan. Generally the one area in common during the discussion will be the exposure to various platforms of “real estate chatter.”

Is that necessarily the best source of information? Our current broad base of information from various technology sources offers a very wide spectrum of knowledge to review. However, whole some of the information does project trends nationally or internationally, such as economic thoughts. Sometimes the information is not relevant to our local real estate market.

Real Estate Chatter with a Sales Representative 

Your best course of “real estate chatter,” is our hardworking and knowledgeable Sale Representatives. Who are working in the area, who know the local trends, neighbourhoods and who are very supportive of the community. These salespeople have all the latest statistics and data to answer your questions. And to provide a good base and advice for your important decisions.

I had the pleasure of hearing a wonderful presentation this week by Professor Marvin Ryder from McMaster University. He spoke so positivity about our region, regardless of some of the economic fears. Professor Ryder clearly stated that there is no evidence of a recession in the short term.

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Facts enhance your “real estate chatter” and can also relieve your anxiety about moving forward. We have all the data to help you make the best decision. Call us, text or email us, whichever form of communication works for you, we are here.

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