Information and updates about the Greater Hamilton Area Real Estate market conditions

STATS for July 2018

 Tuesday, August 14, 2018     Kirsten McNamee     Local Hamilton Market Conditions Real Estate Trends

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Hamilton Centre continues to be a hot area, it's especially evident when we look at the charts and graphs provided by The REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB). Overall we can see how much has changed since 2017 and that the average price of homes in Hamilton have gone up by $35,955, that's 7.6%. 


You can see in the STATS Map shows us where Hamilton centre is. The area is defined by James St all the way to Kenilworth Ave. This image also shows each area in Hamilton and what the average cost of a home that was on the market in July 2018. 


The STATS Chart again is making it clear that Hamilton's market is a hot one. We can see here that the highest percentage of homes sold were $600,000 or more. 

Marketing Activity Chart

By taking a look at the Marketing Activity Chart, you can see the difference between 2017 and 2018. We can again see how much the average price of a home in Hamilton has changed. This is a very important graphic, since it shows us how much the entire The Greater Hamilton Area is doing.

If you're thinking of selling your home and want to get a better idea of what it will cost, you can use our "What's My Home Worth" calculator. Then get in contact with one of our agents and they will be happy to go over what the results with you and what the next steps are. 

Spring Market Considerations

 Friday, March 23, 2018     Judy Marsales, Broker of Record     Local Hamilton Market Conditions

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The Real Estate Market this year is an ever-changing landscape. Depending on your source of information, the market is crazy busy or falling off the charts. What does all this variation mean to you the consumer? How do you interpret all the economic swings which have potential to impact the real estate market?

The first tip which I will offer in your analysis is to ensure that the information which you are relying upon is relevant to your marketplace… i.e. The national media use data which may have originated in Vancouver or Toronto and while this information may create interest in the readers/viewers, it does not contribute to a reliable foundation on which to make a decision about your real estate future in the Hamilton Burlington market.

The dynamics of our regional real estate market are different based on our population base and our demographics. For example, in January 2018 the average Sale Price in the Hamilton Area was up by 6% where as many other major cities were identifying a reduction in the average Sale Price. However, having said that, another significant statistic was the 64.8% increase in "End of Month Listing Inventory" for February 2018. You may recall that last year, we identified one of the key elements to the dramatic increase in value was the very low listing inventory. The basic economic principal of "Supply and Demand" then created multiple offers and bidding wars.

Given our current listing inventory status, the market balance has now changed. Home owners will want to review their time lines for selling as some homes may take longer to sell and Buyers will engage in more negotiating. My second tip is to suggest that if you are considering selling your home in this marketplace, you may want to keep your initial list price within market range of value… and what is that value??

Our knowledgeable team of Sales Representatives are here to help you with the analysis whether you are selling, buying, or considering some future change. Our knowledge is your power in this ever-changing real estate market. Call, email, or drop by one of our offices.

Bay Observer Article – written by Judy Marsales, Broker of Record, Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd. Judy is a frequent contributor of articles on the Bay Observer website.

Pricing Your Home

 Friday, February 2, 2018     Judy Marsales, Broker of Record     Local Hamilton Market Conditions

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The top question on everyone's mind when talking to a Real Estate person is "What's my house worth now?" This question is further developed when considering selling. Every homeowner wants to achieve the best return on the sale of their property. Various articles have reported and suggested many different strategies to achieve the highest sale price in the market but what is the "Sweet Spot" in pricing your home to sell? We have heard and seen many commercials… but what is the reality between the one property that attaches to the "bragging rights" and all the other sales in the marketplace which are not identified? The local real estate market has seen many changing dynamics over the past few months. My concern is that often a homeowner does not drill down in the discussion to identify the context, timing, or relevancy of some of this information.

In the past year, the real estate market has gone from one of the strongest Sellers' Markets to a more balanced market to arguably sliding into a Buyers' Market. Each of these markets require a well studied analysis of the facts to bring forward the best strategy for the home owner looking to sell. Every property is different and potential purchasers may respond to each property in a different fashion. Therefore, one must consider all the options when pricing their home. The value obtained by the home owner up the street is not always the "bench mark" to guide your decision making. Your home could establish a new value level if priced properly to maximize the "Buyer Attention". However, the reverse is also true. I have heard some of these thoughts: A) Pricing a home too high can deter people from viewing it. B) Pricing a home at the low end can attract multiple offers and thereby boost the sale price… not always possible. C) Market and Price the home to attract an "out of area buyer"… i.e. perhaps from Toronto where the average house price is higher.

There is no "sweet spot" pricing. A homeowner should consider all the facts and determine what the suggested honest range of value for the property is in the existing market area. The market conditions, including the economic landscape will contribute to the outcome. Based on that range of value and the potential time available to "test" the market, start with a list price which maximizes the possible interest from buyers and has the potential to achieve the highest and best value on the sale. Know the facts. Work with one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives to achieve the best outcome.

If you would like a free no obligation estimation of your home's value please complete our simple online Home Evaluation Request form.

Bay Observer Article – written by Judy Marsales, Broker of Record, Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd. Judy is a frequent contributor of articles on the Bay Observer website.

Today's Real Estate Market - Strengths and Weaknesses

 Friday, December 8, 2017     Judy Marsales     Local Hamilton Market Conditions

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Communication today is often fast and short such as 140 characters.  Tweet, text, or email brings us immediate information but not always completely informative.  In the current changing real estate market, the drama clouds the facts.  The strength of buying real estate in any market, if properly thought out, is that it provides us with a roof over our head and a “home” to enjoy.  Try to stay warm with an investment certificate over your head.  Over time, real estate has proven to be a very good investment but there are always swings in the value depending on the economic circumstances of the day.  Sadly, these changes have often been forgotten in the frenzy of headlines and tweets. For example, I can remember selling real estate when interest rates were 22% but the interesting thing is that for those individuals who were brave enough to purchase back then, they did very well on the sale value of the property down the road.  Every market has its benefits and distractions.    However, during theses ups and downs in market conditions, your house is still a home.  What other form of investment gives you this basic life comfort?  The real estate market has strongly favoured the Sellers over the past couple of years – remember the “heady” bidding wars, multiple offer headlines, and “holding offers” strategy?  The current sales information indicates we have moved out of this phase of negotiation to a more balanced market for both buyers and sellers.  The good news is that offers on homes can now include “conditions”.  You may ask why is this good news?  Well, as a Seller wouldn’t you rather know in the first 30 days that your Buyer can not finance the purchase of your property and not on the day of closing which leaves everyone in a bind and the seller potentially owning two homes with a variety of legal complexity to sort out.  As we move through this economic change, we may slide into a Buyers market shortly.  Again, every market offers us good news and in a Buyers Market, we start to see renewed interest by buyers – young and old who have experienced the frustration by the previously identified antics exhibited when there were far too few homes available.  As a Buyer, you were previously competing for a property and stretching your affordability at times.  Believe it or not, a Buyers Market can also be a good news story for a seller who now will have potential buyers considering the cost of some upgrades or renovation in their budget and taking the time to make sound decisions, providing more stability to your sale and the market in general. 

The key to any market is working with the most up to date information and statistical data that will provide the necessary support for making an informed decision.  A home is a fundamental element in your economic future…. use all the tools available to support your decision whether you are buying or selling.  Buying or selling, always review the current sales data, current listings, financial data, and of course, the most important part, your personal goals, wants, and expectations.  We want you to come home to a place of comfort and not undue stress due to financial stretching.  We are here to help you with all the information needed to assist you to the best of our ability.  We can provide you with a no cost Opinion of Value to further assist you in making an informed decision.  Please call us, text us, email us…. or walk into one of our three offices and talk to us.  Imagine a “face to face” conversation.  We are here for you.

Real Estate - Change and Confusion

 Tuesday, October 31, 2017     Judy Marsales     Local Hamilton Market Conditions

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Change, change, change… sometimes welcomed changes and sometimes scary.  The past few months have witnessed a dramatic shuffle from one of the strongest “sellers’ markets” to a market identified as “more balanced”. What does all this mean??

Let’s reduce the confusion to basic economic theory which talks about supply and demand.  This economic theory relative to real estate can suggest that when a market has approximately 3 listings for every sale, we are experiencing a balanced market.  In the past year or so, our inventory of available homes for sale was dangerously lower then that equation. At times, inventory of available homes was fewer then one home to one sale which identified as a very strong sellers’ market.  Almost everything offered for sale, sold in a short period of time with considerable activity in the form of multiple offers or bidding wars.

However, real estate times have changed… inventory has dramatically increased and buyers are nervous about the daily economic information coming their way.  Young buyers are concerned about employment certainty, interest rates, and life styles.  Baby boomers and older are concerned about their future lifestyle changes.  Concerns may be around retirement income, moving potentially to a recently built condo that is too small for their comfort, or the cost of seniors’ accommodation in a retirement home which exceeds their budget.

The good news is that a more balanced market affords everyone an opportunity to consider all the necessary facts and to make a good decision for their future before jumping into something.  Informed decisions make for less stress.  We are happy to review all the market considerations and statistical data to inform your decision and to help you move forward just call us, email us, or drop by one of our offices!