Tuesday, July 9, 2019     Judy Marsales      General Real Estate Advice

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The summer is an interesting time in the real estate business. There are a wide range of family and personal dynamics that effect house sales and listing inventory. In Canada, Summer is often a time that we look forward to getting out and spending some time enjoying the great outdoors. Whether that time is spent around our home, camping, or travelling.

The good news is that this time away from our usual busy routine often gives us the opportunity to think about our current place we call home. Whether we are renting or if we currently own and what does tomorrow look like with respect to our home? Now is a good time to think about where you would like to live.

Would you like to purchase your first home or would you like to purchase a larger home or be closer to schools or friends? Would you like to downsize or would you like to consider purchasing a condominium? And where could you live with less work but good quality of life?

The variety of opportunities is great but the key to making a good decision is information. Is it a good time to buy? Is it a good time to sell? What are the benefits or concerns of living in a condominium? Are condominium apartments different then condominium townhouses?

This is where we as experienced real estate salespeople can be very helpful. And reduce the stress by providing you with the latest information to enable a healthy and happy step to the next chapter of your housing needs. Talking to us should always be positive, helpful and encouraging.

Enjoy our wonderful summer season and look forward to the future with as little stress as possible.

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