Tuesday, March 3, 2020     Judy Marsales      General Real Estate Advice

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Maintaining Perspective

The current economic volatility identified by the stock market downturn or the consent worry expressed in the media about the potential virus spread. Or the interruption of supply management due to protests, has many people very concerned about the impact on housing values.  

It is understandable to be concerned, especially when the housing market has enjoyed almost two decades of increasing values. However, it is important to maintain a perspective. To stay calm and to build your financial plan with some potential for variance. To this point, it is extremely important to deal with the facts and not the headlines.

Your Source of Information Matters 

Social media is a wonderful source of information and wide contact with the world. However, it can also create anxiety where the information may not be relevant to the location. What are your plans? Are you a Baby Boomer who is thinking about downsizing or possibly moving in with family? Multiple generation living is becoming very popular for many different reasons.

Are you a first time home buyer who is concerned about affordability? Or are you a homeowner who is thinking about a renovation or an addition to your current home? The house you live in is your home and should be enjoyed to the best of your ability. Yes, the value may be subject to change depending on the market at any given time. But the home will keep you warm and comfortable.

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The key to reducing your stress is to have a plan based on sound information. We offer an “opinion of value” at no cost to give you the facts and help you make well informed decisions. Call or email us anytime, we are here to help you enjoy your home and support your plans. 

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