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Stay Calm and Plan

 Tuesday, March 3, 2020     Judy Marsales      General Real Estate Advice

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Maintaining Perspective

The current economic volatility identified by the stock market downturn or the consent worry expressed in the media about the potential virus spread. Or the interruption of supply management due to protests, has many people very concerned about the impact on housing values.  

It is understandable to be concerned, especially when the housing market has enjoyed almost two decades of increasing values. However, it is important to maintain a perspective. To stay calm and to build your financial plan with some potential for variance. To this point, it is extremely important to deal with the facts and not the headlines.

Your Source of Information Matters 

Social media is a wonderful source of information and wide contact with the world. However, it can also create anxiety where the information may not be relevant to the location. What are your plans? Are you a Baby Boomer who is thinking about downsizing or possibly moving in with family? Multiple generation living is becoming very popular for many different reasons.

Are you a first time home buyer who is concerned about affordability? Or are you a homeowner who is thinking about a renovation or an addition to your current home? The house you live in is your home and should be enjoyed to the best of your ability. Yes, the value may be subject to change depending on the market at any given time. But the home will keep you warm and comfortable.

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The key to reducing your stress is to have a plan based on sound information. We offer an “opinion of value” at no cost to give you the facts and help you make well informed decisions. Call or email us anytime, we are here to help you enjoy your home and support your plans. 

Real Estate Chatter

 Wednesday, February 26, 2020     Judy Marsales      General Real Estate Advice

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What are your plans this year?

Are you often out at a function and someone asks you what your plans are; holidays, work, about your current home or lifestyle? Depending on your demographic your discussion about house plans could range from how you are budgeting to the purchase of your first home. And for some it could mean thoughts about downsizing or your consideration of a retirement plan. Generally the one area in common during the discussion will be the exposure to various platforms of “real estate chatter.”

Is that necessarily the best source of information? Our current broad base of information from various technology sources offers a very wide spectrum of knowledge to review. However, whole some of the information does project trends nationally or internationally, such as economic thoughts. Sometimes the information is not relevant to our local real estate market.

Real Estate Chatter with a Sales Representative 

Your best course of “real estate chatter,” is our hardworking and knowledgeable Sale Representatives. Who are working in the area, who know the local trends, neighbourhoods and who are very supportive of the community. These salespeople have all the latest statistics and data to answer your questions. And to provide a good base and advice for your important decisions.

I had the pleasure of hearing a wonderful presentation this week by Professor Marvin Ryder from McMaster University. He spoke so positivity about our region, regardless of some of the economic fears. Professor Ryder clearly stated that there is no evidence of a recession in the short term.

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Facts enhance your “real estate chatter” and can also relieve your anxiety about moving forward. We have all the data to help you make the best decision. Call us, text or email us, whichever form of communication works for you, we are here.


 Friday, August 2, 2019     Judy Marsales      General Real Estate Advice

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Our wonderful age of technology with a platform of endless information from every corner of the world, allows us to be better informed then we arguably have ever been.

But does all this information equate to specific professional knowledge supported by current experience on which to make a good real estate decision? There are so many variables to consider when buying or selling a home.

What are your personal likes and dislikes in a home? Which neighbourhoods feel comfortable and the right fit for your stage of life? The changing financial real estate dynamics and the current economic considerations should also be considered.

For example, are you familiar with the new First Time Home Buyer Incentive Program offered by the Government of Canada? Would that program fit your plans?

Another recent report identified that the Hamilton-Burlington market showed a 6% increase currently in the “Sellers Market strength” over last year. Very interesting information when considering how to price your home.

Every home owner wants the best price that the market will deliver. And every buyer wants the lowest price they can negotiate. A professional can assist you in navigating between these two points of consideration.

Your home buying or selling is a very personal decisions. Stay informed but always check the relevancy of the information. My advice is to use a professional real estate sales representative who has the knowledge, experience and personal perspective on our local real estate market to guide you to a successful outcome and a happy decision.

Call, email, or drop by our office to talk about the significant, relevant and current real estate information.

Written by: Judy Marsales, Broker of Record

Summer Real Estate Thoughts

 Tuesday, July 9, 2019     Judy Marsales      General Real Estate Advice

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The summer is an interesting time in the real estate business. There are a wide range of family and personal dynamics that effect house sales and listing inventory. In Canada, Summer is often a time that we look forward to getting out and spending some time enjoying the great outdoors. Whether that time is spent around our home, camping, or travelling.

The good news is that this time away from our usual busy routine often gives us the opportunity to think about our current place we call home. Whether we are renting or if we currently own and what does tomorrow look like with respect to our home? Now is a good time to think about where you would like to live.

Would you like to purchase your first home or would you like to purchase a larger home or be closer to schools or friends? Would you like to downsize or would you like to consider purchasing a condominium? And where could you live with less work but good quality of life?

The variety of opportunities is great but the key to making a good decision is information. Is it a good time to buy? Is it a good time to sell? What are the benefits or concerns of living in a condominium? Are condominium apartments different then condominium townhouses?

This is where we as experienced real estate salespeople can be very helpful. And reduce the stress by providing you with the latest information to enable a healthy and happy step to the next chapter of your housing needs. Talking to us should always be positive, helpful and encouraging.

Enjoy our wonderful summer season and look forward to the future with as little stress as possible.

Real Estate Sunshine

 Monday, May 6, 2019     Judy Marsales      General Real Estate Advice

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New listings are popping up like Spring flowers and it is a wonderful sight. And after a gloomy first quarter in 2019 I believe that the market is warming up. I'm pleased to report that today we're experiencing a balanced market. Simply put, this means there's an equal opportunity for sellers and buyers. We also recently had one of our listings showered with offers and it in fact sold over list price.

This property was located in an area that has seen few listings over the past year and the superior location was recognized by the marketplace. This is a signal that consumers continue to benefit from a professional opinion on the best way to market a home when you’re considering selling. 

Planning to buy will require a well informed buyer equipped with both market knowledge and best practice strategies. In today’s world Google has a wealth of knowledge and information to share. However, there are often small details which can make an impactful difference that can only be obtained from a seasoned and knowledgeable salesperson.

The guidance that is offered by our sales representatives can make a significant difference in the outcome of your transaction. As the demographic shift continues and the market bounces around get the best advise possible when you are buying or selling. We're here to support all your real estate needs.


Call us, email us, or visit our open houses and introduce yourself. As we like to say, “Knowledge is Power – Use our Knowledge to Empower your real estate Decisions”.