Tuesday, September 26, 2017     Judy Marsales     General Real Estate Advice

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What a difference a few weeks has made with respect to the inventory of available properties. Have you noticed the increase in Open Houses? Prior to this increase in listings, we had experienced a very strong Sellers' Market based on lack of available homes. The good news is that we are now enjoying a more balanced market where potential buyers can take some time to explore all the options. A real estate transaction does not have to be pursued under that previous market pressure and all the various elements can be properly explored… home inspections, financing options, multiple viewings.

A balanced market is also in the best interest of a potential Seller as the knowledge that the Buyer will complete the transaction after careful consideration, and as specified in the Agreement reduces the stress. Sellers should not be worried. Currently house prices have remained stable in most areas and continued to rise in other areas. Interest rates moved up slightly but again, the good news has been that this increase has not had a serious impact on the home values. Given this very changing economic time, informing your real estate decision is a key to moving forward in a less stressful manner.

Let us share our knowledge and experience with you as you look at buying or selling a home, condo, or an investment. We are here to help you to the best of our ability. Call us, email us, or drop by one of our offices.

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