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The Real Estate Association of Burlington and Hamilton (RAHB) has released their November 2019 Market Statistics. In this article we'll review and summarize those statistics. We can see how the Hamilton and surrounding areas did for November 2019. There were a reported 955 sales of residential properties located in the RAHB market area. 

November sales were down from October and September, however they're up from November 2018 by 5.5%. And the average price for residential properties saw an increase of 5.6% from November 2018 to $591,344. We can now take a look at the above chart, Residential Market Activity for RAHB Areas

In the Hamilton area we can see that once again the Hamilton Mountain had 152 sales, the most reported sales in Hamilton. And with an average sale price of $506,704, an increase from November 2018. Hamilton Centre also saw an increase in sales with 91 residential properties sold, with an average sale price of $402,147. 

Finally we can take a look at the Ancaster area which had a total of 45 sales and an average price of $720,342. The highest costing properties reported for the month of November 2019. Let's now turn our attention to the map below where we can see an overview of each area. This map will also illustrate the number of sales and the average cost of a property in each area in Hamilton. 


The above map, Average Residential Price by District, illustrates the average cost of a residential property in each area. The map also let's us see how many sales there were. Sub areas that had the highest number of sales for November 2019 were 16, 17, 20, 23, 42, 51 and 53. 

Areas that reported the highest average price of a property were Ancaster, Flamborough and Waterdown. Ancaster had an average property selling for $720,342, Flamborough was reported at $702,132 and Waterdown had an average property going for $693,934. What area do you live in? Take a look at the map and see what the average price was for November 2019. 


Finally we'll take a look at the above chart, Hamilton Residential Table. When we look at the chart it becomes clear that there were a reported 643 sales of residential properties in the Hamilton area. That's a 12% increase compared to the same month last year. And with 1,138 active new listings, a 7% decrease from November 2018. 

The average listing price was reported at $535,944, a 6% increase from November 2018 and a reported 713 new listings. We can also take note that properties in the Hamilton area remained on the market for an average of 30.9 days. That's 5 days less than the same time last year. These numbers have been great to review and now lets discuss a bit more about the entire RAHB area and recap some of the statistics we've reviewed today. 

RAHB Statistics for November 2019 

There were 955 sales of residential properties reported for the month of November 2019 in the RAHB market area. The average cost of a residential property increased by 5.6% from November 2018 to $591,344. And we saw that sales were down from October and September but that there was also an increase of 5.5% from November 2018.

And the number of single family properties within the entire RAHB area increased by 8.6%. Townhouse sales also increased by 2.9% from the same time last year. And the cost of a Townhouse increased by 6.8% to $574,488. Finally Apartment-Style properties saw a decrease by 9.3% from November 2018. However, Apartment-Style properties saw an increase in their average price by 23.2%. 

"As we near the end of the fall market for 2019, the number of sales and average price within the RAHB market area are down from the previous month, but up from November last year. This decrease in listings and higher ratio of solds to listings indicate that the market is currently an opportune time for sellers to consider listing" - RAHB President Bob Van de Vrande. 

For More Information About These Statistics 

If you are looking for a more in-depth matrix of these statistics, please refer to RAHB's Hamilton Real Estate Statistics for November 2019

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