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There is a wonderful excitement about buying your first home but there are also a lot of things to consider. Sometimes, there are parents or family members who offer great advice and sometimes assistance with the down payment. The current trend of first time home buyers to live in a more urban setting brings the challenge of balancing gorgeous heritage architecture with the uncertainty of the function of older wiring, plumbing, or heating systems. The key is understanding costs, breadth of work necessary and above all - safety. There is an old saying "just because you own a hammer, it does not make you a carpenter". There are many tasks that anyone can do which add great satisfaction to calling a house "your home" - the key is understanding the difference. I recall when we purchased our first home, we stripped wallpaper, we painted, we tore up old carpet and while exhausting with a young family, the activity imprinted a family ownership. A home inspection by a professional inspector before buying will outline the strengths and weaknesses of a home. Buy with a good knowledge base. My favourite saying "don't be penny wise and pound foolish". Many of the professional electricians, plumbers, roofers, and heating contractors will give you a clear analysis of immediate improvements necessary for safety and those which can be done at a later date. Decorating can make a home attractive and welcoming but good utilities can allow you to sleep at night. Buy smart. Make well informed decisions. Never be afraid to ask questions.

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Bay Observer Article – written by Judy Marsales, Broker of Record, Judy Marsales Real Estate Ltd. Judy is a frequent contributor of articles on the Bay Observer website.

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