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In the above chart Residential Market Activity for RAHB Areas -2018 we can see that Hamilton Centre remains hot with a total number of sales of 1,047 for 2018. And we can see that Stoney Creek is also ranking near the top with total of 1,075 sales for 2018. And finally, Hamilton Mountain had the highest number of sales with a total of 1,837 for all of 2018. You can also compare the average price of a home from 2017 to see how it has done in the same area in 2018.


When we look at the map Average Residential Price by District - 2018 we can see that Hamilton overall has done very well. The areas to note are 16, 17, 18 and 23. They have had the most number of sales this year. And areas 11, 12, 15 and 18 had properties with the highest listing price. Hamilton has had a busy year from Barton st to the escarpment. 


The chart RAHB All Residential Comparison at a Glance - 2018, indicates to us that the isolated areas in the RAHB market remain Hamilton, Burlington and Haldimand County. Listings were down 9.2% compared to 2017 and sales were down 17.5% from last year. However, the overall average price of a home was only down 1.5% from the previous year. And over the past decade the average price of a residential home has actually gone up 100.5%. 

“The 2018 real estate market levelled out from the eventful years of 2016 and 2017. The market went from a strong, prolonged seller’s market to a balanced market where buyers had more time to view and compare properties before putting in an offer to purchase.” - RAHB CEO George O’Neill. 

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